From St-Jean-Pied de Port, take the direction of St-Michel (D301) then take the 1st right (sign indicating “VVF”) before the town exit sign. Continue for 10 km until you reach the Orisson pass. At the level of the “rocher de la vierge” (on the left), take the track which goes down on the left. Continue for a few kilometres until you see the rock on your right.

Parking GPS coordinates (wps): 43.071513, -1.256098

Approach: 10 minutes


Bottom of routes: Comfortable

Altitude: 1000 m

Type of rock: Limestone

Rock face: 

Difficulty and number of routes: 4 to 8a+


Max. height: 30 m


Gear conditions: Old – Exposed – Bolts and pitons 


restricted area according to the nesting periods of raptors

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  • Escalade au Pays Basque, Alain Etchepare

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